• What is a spot offer list?
    Azahar’s exclusive spot offer list is a sure bet to exceptional coffee available for sale in select warehouses in the US and Europe. You can arrange delivery to you, in most cases, in days! Our meticulously curated list features top-quality, fresh coffees complete with full traceability.

    We curate a rotating selection of seasonal delights—indulge in exquisite Colombian and/or Mexican lots. Spot coffees are available in the US and European markets.

    Check out our spot US and spot EU offers and request your samples today!

  • Does Azahar import coffee?
    We don’t import coffee. We work with various importing partners to facilitate the importation of direct trade coffees for our clients and our own spot position.
  • What is FOB?
    FOB stands for “Free on Board”. It is a shipping term we use when exporting lots from the country where they are produced to indicate we are responsible for the costs and process to deliver the coffee to the specified port of export on the contract. Once the coffee is loaded onto the ship and ready to depart, ownership and responsibility for the coffee is transferred to the buyer or importer.
  • What is Forward Booking?
    Forward booking is your in advance guarantee that you will receive the coffees you want. By reserving your coffee purchases for future delivery at agreed-upon terms, you gain the power to align your business flow, menu releases, and budget. The best part is that it’s not only about convenience—it’s about collaboration. When we book forward contracts together, we pave the way for price stability, supply chain efficiency, and minimized risk for all of us.
  • Does Azahar have certified coffees?
    We source certified coffees (organic, fair trade, and Rainforest Alliance) leveraging strategic partnerships with certified producers, coffee cooperatives, and producer associations. Please share your specific requirements so our team in the field can source the ideal offerings that align with your needs.
  • Does Azahar share the price paid to producers?
    Yes! Every coffee we sell comes complete with information about the price paid to producer in their own currency and local unit of measure. We are happy to explain this price to you because we know it can be a challenge to do all the conversions.
  • Does Azahar work with on any sustainability projects?
    SCBG is a pricing tool that Azahar started working on back in 2018. In 2023, we created a non-profit with Cropster and Acumen Fund, officially making the guide a public good in hopes it influences how green coffee is purchased by harnessing a growing set of data related to costs of production and costs of living in coffee-producing regions around the world.

    Currently, guides are available for Colombia and Mexico. Using data gathered in intensive field interviews, the Guide posits the following price goals in an effort to generate minimum levels of impact on producer incomes:

    At Azahar, the minimum price we aspire to pay producers in Colombia is the Legal Price. In Mexico, for many complex reasons related to productivity levels, our goal is to always pay a premium to the cost to produce according to our field research interviews. Factors like productivity, labor costs, and living expenses vary from year to year and region to region. For this reason, we have different objectives for the 2 countries we work in.

    Another on the ground project we are super proud of is our Pickers Project. For an additional premium ($0.35-0.95 cents per pound, depending on the source of the coffee), you can ensure that you’re impacting farmers and pickers by harvesting your coffee with our foundation’s formally employed, trained and certified team of specialty coffee harvesters, guaranteeing them benefits such as health care and workers comp. The overwhelming majority of pickers in coffee aren’t formally employed, making the coffees they produce noncompliant with national and international labor standards. It’s time that we go beyond the farmgate and ensure that the labor upholding our entire coffee value stream is treated with more respect. Please note that at this time, this is only available in Colombia. (learn more here)

  • What does traceability mean at Azahar?
    To us, traceability means we can tell you where your coffee comes from and who produced it. In some cases when we are buying from groups, the information available will be the names of the producers who delivered to the lot you purchased. In cases where you bought from a single farm or a smaller group of producers, you will know as much information as we can share about where your coffee came from and how it was produced.
  • How is Azahar looking to build honest long-term relationship with producers?
    Ongoing, transparent, and repeated buyer and producer relationships—and as many future contracts that support them as possible—are important pillars of how we work to bolster the resilience of our supply chains at Azahar. We do this because we recognize that selling to typical and anonymous merchants, farmers are often left taking the current market price. Instead, working with Azahar means we will uphold the price minimums we set for ourselves internally while always remaining open to discussing price with our producer and coffee buyer friends.

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