At Azahar We Work for the People Who Produce the Coffees We Export

Azahar was founded on the belief that coffee can improve the livelihoods of the people who produce it. It is imperative we speak openly and transparently about what green coffee prices mean for producers. We invite you to work with us by joining our efforts to evolve and elevate how green coffee is commercialized. At Azahar we will never stop pushing for the changes we believe are needed to ensure a thriving coffee supply chain.

Azahar works to ensure a coffee farm can generate a stable income

A cornerstone of our business is providing stable prices to farmers that align with improving income levels as defined by A Sustainable Coffee Buyer’s Guide. We pay these prices in exchange for high-quality coffee to empower reinvestment in farms and families.

Typical green coffee supply networks are overly tied to the volatile commodity market without systems in place to protect producer incomes. Azahar works to ensure a coffee farm can generate a stable income. We collaborate with producer partners to develop quality parameters that unlock potential and facilitate market access.

While we aspire to ensure producers we work with can realize tangible, positive financial outcomes as they commercialize their coffee, we acknowledge  that for too many who produce it, its future is threatened. Not just by environmental factors, like changing temperatures and rainfall patterns, but also by systemic poverty endemic among coffee producers from deference to the commodities market.

Working with Azahar implies traceability to the source of your coffee–always

We facilitate, with intention, long term relationships between buyers and farmers (or producing groups) to foster consistent, mutually beneficial commitments year-after-year.

We love hosting our partners at one of our cupping labs, and organizing meaningful visits with producers our partners buy from.

At Azahar we work for and with the people who produce the coffee we export. Come discover what equity in the supply web could look like when we all collaborate, communicate and work collectively toward a better kind of coffee, for everyone.

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